Snapshots of the Season

For me, Christmastime generally looks something like this: Chicago.  Icy.  Traffic.  Shopping malls.   Trying to find time to bake cookies.  Candlelight service.  Downtown dinner + show.  My family.  His family.  My family.  His family.  Gifts, gifts, and more gifts.  Not a bad picture at all.  However, this year, the season is looking a little different for us.  I haven't stepped foot in a mall.  There hasn't been much hustle and bustle.  We're pretty much foregoing gifts and just enjoying each other's company.  And we're spending a simple and slower-paced Christmas in Missouri with my side of the family who are all driving in to meet us!  I couldn't ask for more.

We've been super busy around our house this month, specifically with our master bathroom remodel, so our Christmas decor is a little more simple than in previous years {we didn't even put up our tree!  Crazy, I know}.  But I've kind of liked it that way, at least for this year.  Here are a few snapshots that capture the spirit of the season around here this past month.

*Find It*
mini clothespins {hobby lobby}
 nordic pine candle {target}
holiday scented pinecones {michaels}
address stamp {paper graces}

I hope you all are having a very festive season + are excited for this most special time of year!