A Weekend in Sulpher Springs

Although it's been a little chilly outside lately {it is only January... man, am I spoiled rotten}, this past week the sun has finally peeked through and decided to grace us with it's presence.  Sometimes I just really get the urge to go out and practice my photography skills, and this is definitely one of those times.  Unfortunately for me {and you as my readers}, my husband is on a friend-cation up in Dallas this weekend, along with our cameras.  Both of them.  So, instead, I get to show you some of my favorite photos taken awhile back on another sunny weekend that we spent up in Sulpher Springs, Texas at our friend's family ranch.

We went up to visit to help our friend with some work that needed to be done around the ranch, and by we, I mean Matt was doing the helping, and I was busy taking in the beauty of our surroundings via my camera lens.  Life on a ranch may not be for everyone, but for me, it was a quiet escape for my mind, which is never usually quiet.  Looking back through these photos really is like a breathe of fresh air for my soul, and I would love to share a few with you guys today!

Thank you for reading!  I'm glad you're here;)

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