My One Resolution

Each year, millions of people everywhere will make a {physical or mental} list of resolutions to improve their lives and meet their goals in the new year ahead of them.  I, being the list-maker that I am, generally fall into that category.  This year, however, I am just focusing on one: consistency.  Yep, consistency.  Whether it's a resolve to up my intake of water during the day, spend more time in the gym, set aside time to read my Bible more often, get more sleep, actually take my vitamins... it's not about adding new things to my list of resolutions this year, it's more about doing the things I have already tried to do in 2014 - with consistency.  Because the truth is, I do call my grandpa in his nursing home...sometimes.  I do turn off Facebook or YouTube videos in order to spend my time doing something more valuable with my time...occasionally.  I do take my vitamins...when I feel like it...if I remember.  I do a lot of things every once in awhile, and while they may be well intentioned, I don't believe they will ever really amount to anything extraordinary.  But add a little consistency to that equation, and it's a game changer.  I don't want to waste my time in 2015 doing things without any results - I want to see real changes in all different areas of my life this year.  Consistency.  Wish me luck! 


  1. Inconsistency...unfortunately something you've inherited from your mom:( I too, will take this challenge in 2015. You have so many excellent qualities....probably all inherited from your dad!! Love you xo