A Little Celebration & Some TNT {Tacos N Tequila}

There have been many reasons to celebrate around our household lately, and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram at all, you'll probably recognize this gorgeous arrangement of roses and orchids that Matt gave me for our tenth wedding anniversary.  Yes, TEN. WHOLE. YEARS!!  I know, you're thinking I don't look a day over 21, so how can this possibly be?  I can hardly believe it myself.  Our life together has been filled with so many big moves and changes, that logically, my head agrees that it must be ten years.  But time flies when you're having fun, and my heart is having a hard time agreeing.  

What did we do to celebrate this magical occasion, you ask?  Well, let's see... it was a Tuesday night.  I had a few deadlines between my job and some freelancing I was doing for a friend.  And our night involved chicken wings, waffle fries, and eating at one of the drafting tables at my office until 1:30 am.  But we were together.  That makes it alright, right?  

In all fairness, we are trying to find a time to take an amazing anniversary trip, which will make up for said actual anniversary.  And that's where celebration number two comes in - Matt has been offered a position with the FAA {Federal Aviation Administration} {the government agency that runs all of our airports} that he has really wanted since he first decided to get out of the Marine Corps, and we couldn't be more excited!  

As with anything involving the government, the background checks and hiring process in general has been slow.  We are expecting the clearances to take at least a month to finish up before we even begin to get an idea of when he will start.  And just like the military, a new job means a new class, usually located somewhere other than where you live.  The FAA Academy is in Oklahoma City {which I'm not gonna to lie, I was a little bummed that it is not located in southern California or somewhere on the east coast, or somewhere cool at all}, and he will most likely be living there for 2-3 months. 

Those are literally all of the details we currently have, which means we don't know if they will let him finish his four classes he's enrolled in right now, or if we will get to have that anniversary trip I mentioned before, or even if he'll be around for our Spartan Race and friends coming out to Austin to visit.  Which is obviously making me go insane.  So, until these questions are answered, we are trying to celebrate, and not go insane.  And by we, I mean me of course.

Since our last celebratory dinner involved hanging out with the midnight cleaning crew at my office, we decided to take the opportunity the night Matt received his offer letter to go out and have a real dinner, Austin-style.  There are so many fun places here that I want to eat at, so we decided to check one off of my list and try a new one - TNT {Tacos N Tequila}, which is on the west side of downtown. 

What a cool little place!  The décor was simple and modern, kind of like their menu.  They had such unique combinations of drinks and tacos - it seems like they stick to what they're great at.  Even the "chips and salsa" that they provide you with when you first sit down is uniquely theirs - different dips with sweet potato, terra-like chips.  We tried a few different types of tacos, all rich in colors, flavor and freshness, but I think we both agreed that the pulled pork was the best by far! 

My favorite feature is this incredible focal-point of a tequila rack over the bar area - entirely constructed of rebar, and such a cool way to display the bottles and glasses.  It was a beautiful spring night, and afterward, we went for a walk down 5th and 6th streets, stopping at Amy's for some ice cream to top off the night.  We are so thankful for our last ten years together and for our future together that this job represents.  Getting that news was honestly the first real time I have felt like we were meant to be in Austin.  Up until this point, I feel like we've just kind of been trying to trust our instincts.  Looking forward to what God has in store for us in the future!

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