A Fiddle Leaf Fig Story

One of the things I've really become excited about since having our own house is plants.  I remember trying so very hard to have plants in the past, and they've always ended up dead in a mater of months.  There was our first house plant, Fred, who spent his whole life in our home slowly creeping toward his death.  There was the time that Matt and I decided to re-landscape our duplex in California.  We spent a whole weekend removing the old dirt, bucket by bucket, into the back of my Pontiac Grand Am, bringing in bags upon bags of new dirt, mulch and flowers, only to have it all washed away after a good rain flooded the area.  That was so disappointing.  I've even killed a cactus before, and that my friends, is hard to do.  Not too hard for me, apparently.

That being said, I was nervous to start up again with a new potential victim.  However, I found a beautiful little Fiddle Leaf Fig plant at our local Home Depot one day - these are super trendy plants right now, and I love their look, so I decided to go for it.  I planted it, kept it in our sunny entrance way, and watered it RELIGIOUSLY.  The rule {or so I've heard} for Fiddle Leaf Figs is one cup of water for every foot of plant, once a week.  I water and rotate him every Sunday.  One year later, and he is still going strong - and I am so proud of myself!  Not only is he NOT dead, he is actually thriving and growing  taller and taller every month.  Fiddle Leaf Figs grow up, not out, so eventually, I have no doubt that he will be taller than I am.

I love this little guy - he is my favorite house plant.  Just yesterday I was telling Matt that he is my "pride and joy".  Seriously.  Maybe I need a dog or a child or something, because that sounds pretty lame.  But the house plant will do for now.  I even have plans for a couple more Fiddle Leaf Figs around our house, along with some other types in there as well.  I think a house full of only Fiddle Leaf Fig plants might be classified as "too far", no?  

 {Here he is in his new spot in our living room - he completely outgrew his spot in our foyer months ago!}

What I love most about this little guy is how he livens up our home.  I have found a new love for house plants.  They just bring something so fresh and alive into a house - they instantly make any space one hundred times better!  Come this summer, we will try our luck at plants that are exposed to the elements - the backyard and garden area - wish us luck!

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