Wildflower Season in the Texas Hill Country

One of the things I miss most about living in Japan is the incredible Cherry Blossom season in early spring.  Albeit not exactly the same, we have our own celebration of spring here in Central Texas known as wildflower season, where our roads and highways are lined with patches and fields of colorful wildflowers native to Central Texas. 

I just found out recently that this is an actual program {called the Wildflower Program} that the Texas Department of Transportation has to beautify the roads and encourage growth of native plants that require less water and maintenance.  The program was started by Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of President Lyndon B. Johnson, and is still in effect today.

I love this time of year.  Our grass along the highways turn from green to all shades of the rainbow, filled with Bluebonnets, Primrose, Indian Paintbrush, to name a few.  It's magical to jump in the car and take a drive during wildflower season in Texas, and it's difficult for photo junkies {like me} to stay in the car and not jump out to take photos along the busy highway every few minutes!

This is our second wildflower season, and I'm sharing with you some photos I've collected from last year as well as this year so far.  I hope you enjoy them, and are enjoying springtime wherever you call home.  Thank you for reading!

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