Hill Country Lavender Farm

This is Tessa >>>>>

Fellow designer and lover of all things rustic.  Fellow outdoor enthusiast.  One of my favorite people to take photos with {who also happens to be an excellent photographer}.  And fellow wine, cheese + chocolate fanatic {but, who isn't?}.  She is my amazing friend from Portland, Oregon, who you'll probably be seeing quite a bit of in my next few posts!

This particular day of Tessa's visit to Austin was probably one of my favorites, even though we were sweating buckets.  Out in the rolling hills of Blanco, Texas, you can find one of the cutest little lavender farms, complete with tiny shop selling hand-made products crafted from their very own lavender.  I am pretty sensitive to a lot of floral scents, but lavender isn't one of them.  It reminds me of being at a spa and makes me feel instantly more relaxed.  I've even been using pure lavender oil recently on my wrists before going to bed at night, which has been really helping me get a much more peaceful rest. 

Anyway, back to the farm... What an adorable place. And the girl that ran the little store was really sweet and explained the differences between the lavender that grows in Texas versus the Oregon lavender that Tessa is used to.  She then proceeded to give Tessa {who has a garden with lavender in it} some tips for trimming, while I {who has no such garden, currently} made my way around the store, taking pretty pictures. 

If  you are ever in the Blanco area during early summer, I would definitely recommend making a stop at Hill Country Lavender Farm.  I hope you're having a great summer so far + thanks for reading!

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