Pedernales Falls State Park

We had a gorgeous 4th of July weekend here in Austin, and the FAA flew Matt back to celebrate with me, which was nice of them.  I think we really needed a fun weekend together where we weren't working or busy with a project around the house. 

We took the day and went out to explore Pedernales Falls State Park, which is such a cool spot.  Although, "spot" might be a little bit of an understatement.  The park is actually pretty big, with hiking, biking and even horseback riding trails all throughout. The Pedernales River runs through the park, and the upstream portion has some of the most interesting rock formations.  This is the portion known as "Pedernales Falls".  While our waterfalls in central Texas may not be comparable to those we've experienced in other countries {or states}, because of the rock formations, they truly are unique in their own way. 

Matt and I walked upstream, which was uphill as well, and with every step, you could see a little more of the falls.  It just made me want to keep going further and further to see what was just over the horizon.  Although swimming wasn't allowed in this area, we may have taken a quick dip in a few of the infinity-type pools created by the falls... it was so hot out that it was hard not to!

Downstream on the Pedernales, where swimming is allowed, Matt and I filled up our tubes and went for a relaxing float down the lazy river.  After much sun and water, we ended up in the town of Gruene for some food and festive red, white & blue margaritas.  Watching fireworks our whole drive back to Austin, it was one of the best days so far this summer.

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