Hiking Season in Central Texas

Growing up in Chicago, I was always used to January and February being the *worst* months out of the entire year.  The holidays were over, and the snow was just really beginning.  Spring seemed so far off.  One of the things I've been really loving about Austin {this year in particular, as we've had an incredibly mild winter season} is surprisingly enough - January and February!  The past two months have been absolutely gorgeous, with sunshine and temperatures in the 70's for the majority of the days. 

I've been trying to take advantage of this weather as much as possible, and that has meant a lot of hiking on the weekends lately.  The sunshine and comfortable temperatures have really made me happy and enjoy being outside, and I've been on a mission to check out as many hiking spots this spring as possible.  The most recent places we've been are Barton Creek Greenbelt, Bull Creek Greenbelt + Hamilton Greenbelt - all within or right outside of Austin.

Barton Creek Greenbelt:

Bull Creek Greenbelt:

Hamilton Greenbelt:

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