Our First Brew

One of Matt's newer hobbies is home brewing his own beer, which is a trend that is gaining popularity lately.  I enjoy beer, maybe not as much as wine, but I do enjoy a good beer now and then.  While it started off as an idea of Matt's, I quickly became involved to help with the brewing process.  I do enjoy making our own food and drinks when possible, so I decided to join in, at least for the first brew. 

There are quite a few steps involved in the process.  We ended up hitting a few tiny bumps in the road to creating beer, but it wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected it to be!  It was hard to believe that we would actually have *drinkable* beer that we made, but at the end of this process, we did!  And it tasted better than I expected on top of that!  We ended up taking a bunch of the bottles with us on our road trip home to Chicago for Christmas, and after sharing a bunch with friends and family, we had almost none left for ourselves... time to find another recipe to brew!  Also, I'm kind of excited about the possibility of designing a logo of our own for the bottles... we just need to come up with a name first...

 We are so proud of our Texas Red Ale!  Stay tuned for more home projects coming very soon!

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