Powder Room Remodel

I'm back with yet another bathroom renovation project - this time, our downstairs powder room.  Bathrooms and kitchens are what sell the house, and they really are what has always drawn me to interior design.  They are my favorite parts of a home, which might be why I tend to tackle those projects first in my own home. 

While no home renovation project is without complications and bumps in the road {at least not for us!}, this one went relatively smoothly and quickly.  It all started with a toilet.  We had been meaning to replace all three of the toilets in our house, and one day when our plumber was over for another project, Matt just went ahead and ordered all three at one time.  Once the powder room toilet was replaced, it spurred me on to finally go forward with the renovation we had been planning from day one of owning the house.  After all, it was such a small space to tackle compared to the massive master bathroom remodel we had just finished up.  It seemed like a piece of cake in comparison! 



I already had a design plan in my mind of what I wanted it to look like - slightly farmhouse, rustic, industrial, and nautical  - all in one.  I also knew right away that I wanted to include Navy {Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore to be exact} somewhere in the house, and the powder room was the perfect size for such a  bold color.  And it turned out perfectly! 

I happily say that now, but in all honesty, there were many hours agonizing over the bead board that we used to give the back wall that plank effect.  It was not easy to get the holes cut perfectly where we wanted the lights to be, and after installation with a nail gun, we realized that we were left with a less-than-smooth-looking finish.  We actually ended up having to sand down the bead board where each and every nail was, prime the board, fill the sanded spot with drywall putty, sand that smooth, and repaint.  All to get the nail holes to vanish.  If it sounds like a long, tedious process, that's because it was.

But it was worth it in the end.  I love the final result! 

Thanks for reading!


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