Girl's Trip {Minnesota}

This year is going to be filled with my favorite thing {travel} - starting with a girl's trip I took to visit my sister in Minnesota a couple weeks ago.  She's lived in Saint Paul for awhile now, and I don't really know what her life is like out there, so I've been itching to go.  When our Mom's 60th birthday came around, we decided that a girl's trip out to Minnesota would be the perfect way to celebrate and spend some quality time together - something that's hard to come by these days since we live in three different cities!

I really enjoyed getting to know the twin cities while I was there.  Saint Paul and Minneapolis seemed like cities built around the milling industry.  There were so many old grain and flour mills - some still working, others turned into new businesses and restaurants.  Every building seemed to be historic, and the houses in the neighborhoods near where my sister lives all look like little cottages, right out of a fairytale. 

Visiting the Stone Arch Bridge, the ruins of an old flour mill, Minnehaha Falls, the Como Sunken Garden, walking along Grand Avenue, cracking up at Comedy Sportz, and eating some incredible waffles while standing at the counter {because it was so PACKED inside} were some of the highlights of my trip.  Although it was a bit chilly compared to our sunny and 80 degree weather we had been experiencing in Austin, it was such a great time - one of those trips that just satisfies your soul - full of relaxation, good food, and lots of laughs. 


Camping at Colorado Bend State Park

Last month, we decided to explore a new {to us} state park called Colorado Bend State Park.  Since it was about an hour and a half drive outside of Austin, we decided to camp there for the weekend with our friends.  The campground was semi-primitive, meaning that there are no spots cleared, no bathrooms, no electric or water hook-ups.  You simply find a clearing in the forest, and set up!  However, unlike our previous experience camping in the Texas Hill Country, we didn't have to hike to our site - we were able to drive our truck right there.  Which means we DIDN'T have to hike with all of our gear.  Which means we could bring all of the food {+ wine} and supplies that we wanted.  Which was great! 

It was a very scenic campground, with all of the areas to set up your site situated right along the Colorado River. We had absolutely gorgeous weather, and did some really nice hiking through the state park while we were there. 

One of the highlights of our hiking was Gorman Falls, a magical little moss-covered waterfall.  Had it been a little hotter outside, I think it would have been a great spot for a dip. 
After the falls, we continued down one of the hiking paths, only to have it kind of end.  After realizing we were no longer on one of the trails, the guys, ever the adventurers, decided that we should forge ahead and make our own trail.  It was an interesting route through thickly wooded areas, and at one point, our "trail" was an old, dried-up river bed where we were climbing over large river boulders that had once been covered by water.  We did make it back to the main trail eventually, and we only had to hop one barbed wire fence, and avoid getting bit by one rattle snake to do it!  Success!

Our dinner, the campfire the guys built us, and the starry sky were a perfect end to the day of adventure. 
Thanks for following along!