DIY Barn Wood {Entry Hall Project}

Creating this set of hooks for our entry hall was actually the first home décor project I ever did in our house.  It was one of my favorites, because it turned out really well, and it made such a difference in our foyer.  It was the first time our house started to really feel like our's.  Another reason it is one of my favorites is because it is really functional.  We quickly realized when looking at our house that we have no coat closet in our entry.  I think they meant to have one but took it of the original plans when building the house and ended up making our powder room larger.  Either way, I was looking to find a solution so that I could have somewhere to hang my purse, and guests visiting would have somewhere to hang their coats.

Did you know that you can create the look of weathered barn wood using just white vinegar and steel wool??  Of course you probably did, because there are a TON of tutorials about this process already on Pinterest {which is where I found it!}.  But, in case you haven't heard the news, you can create your own weathered barn wood using a simple mixture of steel wool soaked in vinegar - it is super easy!  You get a mason jar, fill it 3/4 of the way with white vinegar, drop some steel wool in there, close the lid, and let the mixture sit for a few days at least - until the steel wool has broken down a lot, and the color of the vinegar has turned dark brown-ish gray.  Then, you simple take a paint brush and brush the mixture on your un-stained piece of wood.  It will seem pretty lightly stained and very sheer at first, but let it have time to dry, and you will quickly see the "stain" darkening. 

After doing this to my board, I screwed some hooks to it, and Matt helped me screw it to the wall into our studs {so it would be able to hold the weight of jackets and purses}.  Above it, I installed a white photo ledge.  I think this may have been one of my cheapest projects, but it definitely made a big impact in that space. 

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