A Blog About a Blog

Guess what, guys?!  I got my first blog, PASSPORT, made into a set of beautiful coffee table books!  And it only took me three years... But in my defense, it's been a busy three years!  {My friends with kids will beg to differ}.  As we neared the end of our four year stint living in Okinawa, Japan, the plan was always to turn my dedicated blog into a coffee table book that would serve as s physical memory of all our experiences there.  Because who knows how long old, unused blogs stick around on the internet for?  I don't.  And I certainly don't want to go back to it one day only to find that my whole account of those four years has vanished! 

It wasn't until I went to make the book that I realized just how many issues I would encounter.  For one, I had posted close to 4,000 photos over the course of my blog {yes, that is an average of almost 1,000 photos per year}!  This posed a problem, because the maximum photos allowed in most books {back in 2013} was 500ish, which would mean that I was looking at having not one or two books, but more like an encyclopedia of books {remember those?}!  I also wasn't the biggest fan of the designs companies were offering back then, and to design one myself was going to be a lot of work.  I am generally a control freak about things like this, so I resolved to bite the bullet and just start from scratch myself.  After spending a few hours on just one of my posts, that was the end of that. 

Fast forward three years, and I was lucky enough to find a company called Into Real Pages, that was so much better than the previous companies I had tried to use.  My whole blog was uploaded in minutes to their site, and a virtual copy was rendered right then and there for me to see.  I loved the simple design of their books, and best of all, they were able to accommodate a whopping 2,000 photos per book!  Which meant my 8 books was now down to 2.  I am so glad I found them, and I am so glad that this chapter in my life is finally complete and that we'll have the memories in print forever!


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