cortnie muscari

born in:
chicago, il

lived in:
san diego, ca + okinawa, japan

calls home:
austin, tx

background in:
interior design + being compulsively organized

married to:
this man>>>

mildly obsessed with:
all things design, bargain hunting, seeing the world, photography, simple fresh food,
red wine, peonies, naps, elephants, outdoor markets, kale, paddle boarding,
sushi, the color gray, throw pillows, green tea, books you can't put down,
sunny days + anything with a touch of sea salt 

countries i've left a piece of my heart in:

You can read all about our adventures living abroad
on my previous blog PASSPORT


After living the good life on a tropical island, travelling all across Asia, making some of 
our closest friends ever, and overall, having the most amazing four years of our lives, we have finally settled down!  Both of us growing up in Chicago, we were drawn to sunny Austin for it's active, outdoor lifestyle, warm weather + amazing food!  We are now first-time homeowners, and when the house isn't taking up all of our time, we are itching to get out and explore our brand new city in the way we  used to explore foreign countries.  Our past adventures have taught me that there is so much to see, explore, discover, no matter where you live.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design and a passion for homemaking and cultivating a life that I love.  This blog is my journal-of-sorts to document my experiences in a new phase of life that is just beginning - as a wife, a first-time home owner, a new Austinite + a designer.  This is my view on all  things, random or otherwise.  
Welcome to my room with a view.  


  1. How exciting for me to be able to catch a glimmer of your life away from Home in Illinois

  2. Yes, your blogs definitely make me feel like I'm part of your everyday life.